An Open Heart
During our ThetaHealing® Introduction Workshop, you will discover how effective and life-changing Thetahealing is. In this workshop we will be guiding you on how to identify limiting beliefs, and will teach you how to change them to create the life that you want! You’ll be shown how your beliefs are created, how to recognize them and how you can reprogram them through Thetahealing.

This ThetaHealing® Intro Workshop will give you an opportunity to see how Thetahealing can work for you. You will be able to realize changes in your feelings and belief system. You will become aware of how working with the creative Source Energy can help empower you to forward in your life.

What will you learn during the Thetahealing Intro Workshop?

  • Learn how to become the master of your life by creating it rather than reacting to it!
  • How to manifest and clear all the negative blocks that are stopping you from tapping into your highest potential.
  • Become aware of what is stopping you from love, happiness, joy, abundance and attracting your soul mate
  • Understand the four level of beliefs and how they affect your life
  • Receive plenty of positive affirmations known as downloads

Thetahealing Intro Workshop Schedule

How to Manifest with ThetaHealing®?

We will explain how you can easily manifest through the Thetahealing® manifestation meditation that can be done by anyone, even if meditation is new to them.

Live Demonstrations with Participants

A live demonstration will take place that will show you how a Thetahealing session is done and how effective is a Thetahealing session on one’s life. You will understand how to be aware of your negative self-limiting and self-sabotaging programs that are held in the subconscious, and are holding you back from anything you wish to manifest in your life.

Group Healings

During the workshop we’ll also be doing some group healings on people that gave us permission for a healing. We will guide you on how to heal with a group and this will allow you to let go of any ‘group consciousness programs that we all carry within our DNA.