This seminar will empower you to help your clients understand their own behaviors and lives

In this 2-day course you will learn the 8 different ways to dig for the bottom belief .The Thetahealing Dig Deeper class is designed to increase and improve your skills in digging. This seminar will empower you to help your clients understand their own behaviors and lives, and through helping them make healing changes, you’ll be able to emerge balanced and clear at the completion of their sessions. You will learn to ask accurate questions, and clearly get answers from Source and this will help you reach to the heart of the issue.

Pre-Requisites: Thetahealing Basic DNA, Thetahealing Advanced DNA.

Seminar Includes: Thetahealing Dig Deeper Practitioners Manual.

Certification: You will be certified as a Thetahealing Dig Deeper Practitioner from Thetahealing® Institute of Knowledge, USA.

Duration: 2 consecutive days.

This seminar is designed to get all Thetahealers well trained at this essential technique, to give you the solid grounding, and tips you need so you are confident at digging to find your clients key core beliefs. Unless we can successfully identify the true heart and origin of the problem you won’t know what beliefs to change.

With the completion of the Dig Deeper Seminar, you will have proficient knowledge and experience to keep doing belief work on yourself and others. You will be able to know all the techniques to release and uncover the hidden beliefs that we are operating from.  Under the guidance of your instructor, you will have ample practice time for this class.

What you will learn in the 2-day Thetahealing Dig Deeper Seminar:

  • You will learn how to clear your fears about digging releasing any limiting beliefs you hold on digging
  • You will learn how to release trauma and drama
  • You will learn how to hold a sacred space for your clients without getting involved in their drama
  • How to set-aside your ego and personal opinions during a healing
  • You’ll be able to clear any self-sabotaging patterns that may be stopping you from reaching your full potential
  • You will learn how to dig on yourself easily
  • You will learn how to witness an instant healing
  • You will learn how to become detached from the outcome of a healing

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