Prerequisite:ThetaHealing®Basic DNA

Holistic with Love Thetahealing Practice Circle is a group created for Thetahealers who have taken Thetahealing courses starting from the Basic DNA,and would love to deepen into their personal work, and sharpen their professional skills, using the Thetahealing technique. There is great transformative power in coming together as a soul family to utilize this powerful modality, especially with amazing souls who are equally committed to this sacred path. This is your opportunity to shift programs in all areas of your life that you may have not had the chance to address during a course.

Holistic With Love aims that this practice circle will provide a harmonious space, where you will feel supported, guided and ultimately celebrated in the achievement of your life purpose, and dreams, all with a lot of love, fun, laughter and the power of Thetahealing along the way. This practice group is guided by one of our experienced Thetahealing teachers.

ThetaHealing®Practice Group Schedule

  • We begin with an opening meditation, group healing, and setting an intention that we wish to carry with us once we are done from the session.
  • Go over the ThetaHealing®Technique in more detail to refresh your memory and skills.
  • Set a specific theme for digging example abundance love & relationships health diseases etc. Then start one-to-one Thetahealing swaps with other practitioners
  • Send remote healings for any friends, family members or clients in need.
  • Provide a space for the participant’s questions.
  • Write a manifestation list for manifesting during the session
  • Give many downloads
  • Closing prayer.

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