Light and Frequency Healing:

Light and Frequency healing is a sacred modality that heals through light and frequency.

The language used is an advanced cosmic language used by the Mother/Infinite Being.

The use of this sacred technique heals through power sigils that are are drawn to where they are most needed.

This technique focuses on the ‘healing of the heart’ and aims at creating a sacred reality through the heart.

The purpose is to remove the illusion of all disease, to remove the illusion of distorted emotion and to remove the distortion of light.

It is very important to understand why disease and the false emotions of anger, fear, pain and protectiveness are at this point an illusion.

All healing is but the removal of illusion and is facilitated through the use of power sigils.

What is the difference between a symbol and a Sigil?

A symbol representssomething, whereas a sigil describessomething. When someone sees a Mercedes symbol, it represents upper middle-class vehicles of quality. On the other hand, the symbol for a Rolls Royce represents elite vehicles that speak of a privileged lifestyle of wealth.

Symbols are common in our everyday world, but the use of sigils is forgotten.

The symbol can be very misleading since what it represents to one may not be what it represents to another.

The sigil describes the quality or frequency of what the word means. It maps out the exact frequency of the emotion behind the word.

The sigil for someone’s name would do the same. As the person or being rises in frequency, the sigil will change to reflect that.

Having someone’s sigil is like having that person’s phone number.

Sigils not only describe what they represent, but are a means to communicate with what they represent.

We can use Light and Frequency Healing to:

  • See the perfection of all
  • Focus and enhance the perfection
  • Assist with the awakening of consciousness and to reveal 
the underlying perfection
  • Assist in the full expression of our being should it be 
blocked or not expressing fully

During the light and frequency session I use sacred sigils to work with the person.

How does a typical light and frequency healing session look like?

  1. I start by drawing the appropriate sigil for opening the sessionover the forehead.
  2. I then draw the second sigil over the heart
  3. I make sure that the person I’m working with is comfortable as I begin the session. I may place my hands either on or near the person’s head, shoulders or feet if I get verbal permission.
  4. Depending on the situation, each person might require different sigils that have physical and emotional benefits.
  5. The client is always lying down in a comfortable position with the eyes closed while I’m working with the sacred sigils.
  6. Throughout the session my role as a facilitator is to maintain a state of expansion If indicated, draw the sigil over the specific part of the body mentioned.
  7. After working wit the sigils I start working with power wheels that holds a sacred powerful frequency that will shift the vibration of the receiver to a highly positive one.
  8. A typical light and frequency healing session is between 2 to 3 hours depending on the situation.


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