“Anyone who has faced anxiety would know how hard it is to overcome it or let alone get people to understand what you are facing. A common friend introduced me to Sandra and the minute I met her she started answering all the questions I had in my mind. She insisted that I take the classes and it will change my life and its perception and that is exactly what happened.  Not only did my anxiety vanish exactly 1 week after the classes but also I opened up my perceptions and removed many negative blocks, which helped me change my life to bring me all the good things I desire. The shift, which Sandra helped me bring to my life, is just wonderful. Her classes are fun, quirky and in-depth and the energy she has is fabulous. The whole atmosphere is filled with love and warmth.” 

“Bechara, is the coolest guru I know. If you want to know something, he will explain it in the simplest and most practical way possible. He ensures that every minute detail is taken care of in organizing the classes. The digging exercise gets so easy when you have him as your partner and he carefully leads with patience. Attending a class with two like-minded gurus is a blessing in disguise.”