“We all have our ups and downs, life can really be a rollercoaster, however taking basic and advance with Sandra helped me a lot deal with a lot of stressful events, shed light on ones inner power and nourish ones faith in a better tomorrow and become stronger and more confident. We shape our future; we hold the power and the key to our health and wealth. Thank you Sandra!”

Yasmeena Sorreluz, 
Monetization Director

Yasmeena Sorreluz

“Anyone who has faced anxiety would know how hard it is to overcome it or let alone get people to understand what you are facing. A common friend introduced me to Sandra and the minute I met her she started answering all the questions I had in my mind. She insisted that I take the classes and it will change my life and its perception and that is exactly what happened.  Not only did my anxiety vanish exactly 1 week after the classes but also I opened up my perceptions and removed many negative blocks, which helped me change my life to bring me all the good things I desire. The shift, which Sandra helped me bring to my life, is just wonderful. Her classes are fun, quirky and in-depth and the energy she has is fabulous. The whole atmosphere is filled with love and warmth.” 

“Bechara, is the coolest guru I know. If you want to know something, he will explain it in the simplest and most practical way possible. He ensures that every minute detail is taken care of in organizing the classes. The digging exercise gets so easy when you have him as your partner and he carefully leads with patience. Attending a class with two like-minded gurus is a blessing in disguise.”


“Having Sandra as a healer and a teacher has been & continues to be a free flowing experience similar to that of driving down a highway, free of any constraints & concerns, with a constant beautiful sunset accompanying a vanilla sky that infinitely keeps enriching the soul & freeing the mind. I look forward to mastering more of this journey & am eternally grateful & blessed that she has been a guide to & on this path.”

Karim El Sayed, 
Writer & Marketer

Karim El Sayed

“It was great to have such a connected, yet grounded person teach us this information, and get across all we needed to learn so effortlessly!  Those few days were extremely transformational, and I’m continuing to feel the benefits. Sandra is a wonderful teacher that made us all feel comfortable and at ease while being a big support even after the courses was done.”

“Bechara as an instructor was very supportive and patient and made me feel that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. The course was taught in a very fun and inspirational way, all the while being life changing and helping us tap into our highest potential.”

Zeina Rizk
Area Manager
Adriani E Rossi

Zeina Rizk

Sandra is a loving healer; her open heart, intuition and finely tuned skills are a wonderful recipe for a positive outcome. Her healing heart and compassion will help you shift any negative aspect in your life instantly. I highly recommend her as a healer and teacher because she has so much knowledge and wisdom to share with the world. 

Galia Romanos 
Marketing Manager

Galia Romanos

“Sandra is amazing! After Beginner and Advanced DNA course, I feel more positive and patient. She showed me how to look at life differently, to release anger and feel the love of the Creator. She’s a master who can be your friend and mediator.
Bechara is jolly, down to earth and wise, and makes the class lighter. He’s a great guide and easy to communicate with.”
Gloria Lorenzo 

Gloria Lorenzo

 “There are few who are as dedicated to teaching as Sandra is. You have teachers and teachers with love, of whom she is definitely the latter. No student of hers would graduate from any of her courses without a question or doubt unanswered, and the pace of learning and experience forming is at another level. They say that every student chooses a teacher; well I hope they would be as lucky as I was to have her as a choice.”

Albert Lorenzo
Account Director
Impact BBDO 

Albert Lorenzo

I am forever grateful for meeting such a wonderful healer as Sandra. You truly experience a shift in your life when you begin to understand how powerful our thoughts are. Sandra is a wonderful warm-hearted teacher that truly cares for her students and has taken the time to share her knowledge, experience and gracefully answer all of our inquisitive questions. There is a sense of peace and tranquility when taking her classes and you will feel right at home with your soul family once you take her courses.

“I was lucky to meet Bechara Daoud who became my enlightening teacher. Bechara’s style of teaching is unique and most importantly relaxing. There is a sense of peace and calmness throughout his courses and you will feel at ease as he walks you through every question while sharing his own experiences, and puts the most complicated explanations into perspective.”

Janeera Hernandez
Media Specialist
Starcom Mediavest Group

Janeera Hernandez