Crystal Healing

Crystals and gemstones have long held our attention. They’re wonderful to look at and most of the times feel good to hold or wear.

The reason we use crystals for healing comes from their vibrational frequencies, which can interconnect and influence with other energetic frequencies around us.

Each crystal has its own natural vibration and attributes, which can activate and promote both emotional and physical healing in oneself and others.

Crystals can be helpful on their own, but if coupled with other methods or healing modalities, they can become powerful enhancers and healing tools. This is why as an energy healer I like to have or place certain stones on (or near) my clients and within my healing room.

Using the right crystals can augment energy, which can assist me in balancing the Chakras. What I mean by ‘balancing the Chakras’ is that a crystal’s particular energetic vibration can help guide the flow of energy to or within an individual, to a certain Chakra or part of the body to bring balance and stimulate wellbeing.

Just like everything else in existence, every crystal has its own unique make-up and characteristics; therefore its affects will vary depending on that, the person’s energy and the energy surrounding the situation.

Crystals obviously come in all shapes, sizes and finishes. The most common shape and finish you’ll see are rounded and ‘tumbled’ crystals – these ones have had the sharp edges smoothed off and their shine enhanced.

Then there are crystals which have been significantly shaped by our hands – such as hearts and pyramids. Shaped crystals can sometimes assist in harnessing energy, such as the point of a pyramid, or help one remember some of its qualities.


I am a certified Crystal healer and I combine different techniques during my crystal healing session to make sure you will feel energized, balanced and happy!

A specific crystallayout will be chosen for your specific needs and the stones will activate for their fullest healingpotential and placed on or around the body to stimulate healingand restore balance. The sessionis very soothing and deeply relaxing as the crystalsdo their healingwork.

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