Color therapy is an alternative healing technique that uses colors and their frequencies to heal physical and emotional problems in someone’s life. It is also known as Chromopathy or Chromotherapy.

Why Is Color Therapy Used?

Color Therapy is used to correct physiological and psychological imbalances in the body. For example, if someone is stressed, this kind of therapy can help him or her regain psychological balance.  On the other hand if someone is depressed, the use of color can help him or her calm down.

This therapy relies on the delivery of the light frequencies of color to the body through different techniques.

Colors can affect our mental processes and can change our mood. Each color has a different effect, so different colors are used for different conditions and problems.

Below a list that describes how each color can be used, what are their effects and what can they do for you.


Green is the most balancing of all the colors. It is considered the safest color and we basically start the session with it.

Green can improve your mood when someone is feeling sad, or depressed. It enhances love, and inner peace, and can increase your wisdom.


The color that must be used with extra care is blue,  because as it can zap your energy if you’re feeling low. It can make you feel peace and relaxation. We can use it during meditation sessions. Blue can increase your creativity, and spirituality. However too much blue can lead to sadness.


Yellow brings energy and can make you feel happier. It is the most intense color in the spectrum.


Orange may be used to stimulate different organs in the body for physical healing. It gives you increased energy and a sense of connection between your mind and body. However, this color is avoided if you are anxious.


It is the color that influences financial issues. It is used for physical healing because it has extreme effects however red and infrared are avoided if someone who has severe mental conditions.


Purple is associated with beauty. Violet is used on the forehead and neck to initiate relaxation. However, it’s recommended for use anywhere on the body.

 Benefits of Color Therapy

  • Balances the Chakras in the body
  • Has a positive influence on not only physical levels but also mental and spiritual levels
  • Helps meditation and relaxation
  • Eliminates emotional blockages before they can manifest as mental or physical illnesses
  • It can also help healing in a body,
  • Enables overall well being.
  • Can improve awareness
  • Color can sharpen our senses
  • Color healing brings mind body harmony.
  • It channelizes energy flow and regulates Chi.
  • Colors help heal aches and pains in joints to promote mobility
  • Color therapy can decrease the production of stress hormones
  • Color healing improves focus, alertness, awareness and concentration
  • Colors can reduce anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Colors also enhance productivity

What Happens During a Color Therapy Session?

     During the color therapy session I use:

  • A Pendulum
  • Color Breathing
  • Rainbow Meditation
  • Colored Scarves
  • Crystals
  • Colored Affirmation Cards


We start by discussing colors having different vibrational qualities and that they are absorbed by the skin into our bodies where they resonate with our chakras.
Then I present cards about the different colors – some with affirmations – some with information about personality traits and qualities associated with the color and ask the client to pick some discussing their feelings and emotions when looking at the cards they picked.

Next I start by balancing the chakra using colored scarves asking he client to close his/her eyes and take 3 deep and I place colored scarfs on each chakra asking him / her to imagine the color moving up through their body the chakras. I then leave scarf in place for a minute or so asking them to continued to breathe and visualize.

Having completed all 7 scarves I asked Client to visualize being surrounded by a brilliant white light – breathing it in – a combination of all 7 colors – balancing and protecting them.
To complete the treatment I used a clear quartz crystal in a figure of 8 movements over the body to seal the aura.

I am a certified Color Therapist and I use different techniques during the color therapy session for better results such as singing bowls and crystal healing.

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