What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to chakras and where are they located around the body
  • Learn the secrets of energy anatomy
  • Learn the secret to awakening your Kundalini
  • Learn the techniques yogis used to heal their chakras.
  • Learn 6 meditations that will clear and heal your chakras
  • Learn how to heal other peoples chakras
  • Learn how to remove chronic tensions that stop you from feeling your body’s energy system and a simple technique to ground you.
  • Learn how to become more compassionate through your heart chakra
  • Learn how to awaken your persona power through awakening your third chakra
  • Learn how to awaken your creativity by awakening your second chakra
  • Learn how to improve your health and get more in touch with reality by awakening your root chakra
  • Learn how to awaken your intuition by awakening your third eye
  • How to improve your communication skills by awakening your throat chakra
  • On completion of the workshop you will be entitled to a certificate of attendance

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • There are no course prerequisites

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has an interest in Chakras and want to start to embark on a spiritual journey.

Duration:1 Day

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