Bechara Daoud is a certified Yoga instructor, and a Thetahealing instructor and practitioner. He is currently perusing his Masters in Thetahealing.

From an early age Bechara had a predominantly scientific mind. Excelling in Physics, Applied Mathematics & Mathematics, he graduated as a Bachelor in Civil Engineering.

One might think how a person of logic & science connected to a path of spirituality & Theta healing. This inevitable connection came through love, more particularly after he met his wife Sandra; who in her own right had already been practicing Thetahealing for over 6 years.

After being introduced to Thetahealing and through keeping an open mind towards the information within it his experiences along with his validations in Thetahealing led Bechara to further his studies & practice eventually becoming an instructor, continuing to improve & attain further accreditations.

Bechara believes that through humbleness, compassion & the act of allowing are the key steps to being successful in Thetahealing. He is always looking forward to new souls hungering to be reminded of this beautiful ancient knowledge for their highest and best benefit.

Bechara is the co-founder of Holisitc with Love.

Personnel message from Bechara:

“It is our honor that you have chosen us as your mentors at this particular space & time “