Our Mission:

To teach you how to create your reality with love and how to love all that you have ever created.
We aim at teaching you that everything is a reflection of the Infinite. Within this Infinite, there is nothing but immaculate pure light. In this light, there is a soothing breeze of love enveloping all that is in the Universe and the multi-universe. By understanding that you are a spark of this light experiencing life in a physical body you will be able to shift from reacting to life into creating your own life.

By tapping into higher frequencies through the energy of the divine that is pure love, you will master the celebration of equality that is appearing as a play of contrast. Love is the source and subject of any inspiration, it is the answer to any question, and through love, the greatness of the creative force flows. This greatness flows within each and every one of you is here to remind you of who you are, how powerful you are and how incredibly amazing you are. We aim at assisting you in recognizing the truth of your essence. We assist you in being able to know yourself as the world and embrace the world as yourself.

We are dedicated to awaken as many souls as possible and guide them to and through Love that is the road map to a place they never left.

Our Vision:

Holistic with Love is a healing space, based between Dubai and Lebanon. It is all about healing and awakening the souls of this planet into a higher state of consciousness by connecting to the essence of love, through different techniques and spiritual holistic modalities. Once you understand that Love is a powerful force that brings us together to discover something deeper than what we think we are, your life will shift into a miracle.

Our Approach:

Holistic with love makes sure that you understand that it is your divine birthright to recognize what makes you shine, that your life can be a place where your dreams are woven together, and that you are all connected to the light of the one eternal soul.
Our purpose is to remind you that everything is Divine in origin and at any moment you fail to see the true origin of creation, you are invited to remember what is divine about you.

We are devoted to helping you see the Infinite in all things, by tapping into the higher consciousness of the creation and experiencing yourself as eternal souls who are connected with an unlimited source of intelligence and wisdom.

At Holistic with Love, we are determined to guide you in your spiritual journey by teaching you how to direct your energy inwards towards the amazing feeling of being intimately connected with the loving Universe at all times.

To know more about us meet the founder

Sandra Khoury is a Holistic Wellness Consultant, Spiritual and Energy Teacher, Certified Life Coach, NLP Master, and Thetahealing Master Teacher

Sandra’s intuitive gifts were developed at a very young age, and her interest in the humanitarian field inspired her to join the International Red Cross during the war in Beirut for a period of 4 years, which was founded to protect human life, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering. She had also volunteered in the non-profit organization “Youth Against Drugs”; that protected, supported, guided and rehabilitated youths afflicted with different kinds of addiction…