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What if you have the power to design your life, and you are capable of improving your health, your relationships, and the flow of abundance coming to you? What if you could release yourself from traumas that are holding you back by removing all the obstacles you have built for yourself? What if you could rid yourself of your fear and phobias that are no longer serving you? Would you? Then our self-development services at Holistic with Love is the key.

The flow of Divine energy within you; and flowing through you; is so strong and vibrant that it can instantly heal your body from any emotional and physical misalignment. Through our different self-empowering services you learn how to constantly align yourself with the Infinite, and witness miracles on a daily basis in every single aspect of your life. You can become who you have always wanted to be, by acknowledging that you deserve nothing but the best in life, and by understanding that you can manifest all you ever dreamed of; A healthy mind, body, and soul!

Our main goal at holistic with love is to allow you to “Create with love and love what you create”

Let’s make this happen together!

The Blessing of Gratitude

Gratitude is a blessing we can all have if we decide to be always thankful and we incorporate this virtue into every moment of our day. Through gratitude you have the power to turn challenges into opportunities, problems into solutions and losses into gain. Gratitude creates a shortcut to manifesting miracles and it opens a…

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What virtue are you mastering every now and then? What if you decide to always be kind even to those who are unkind with you? What if you decide that you will always chose kindness because you are consciously aware that you come from light, thus you are light, and light is always kind? What…

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The Magic Of Crystal Healing

I believe that crystals have long held our attention, curiosity and admiration. But so what? ‘They are just rocks!’ Or are they? In this article, I’m going to discuss the effect crystals can have on our world, and us and I will be focusing on the energetic characteristics of crystals. It’s time to learn the…

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The Power of Forgiveness

Dear Beloveds, On Forgiveness: How far can you go on the path of forgiveness? How far can you go by taking that extra step towards mastering your soul’s purpose? How far are you willing to let go of the pain caused by someone and forgive? How often do you tap into the virtue of forgiveness…

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